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American Pride Roofing was founded over 10 years ago, on the concept that we could build a customer service company far superior to any other in the roofing industry. We understand that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean the best. Our business model, by design, ensures that we know our customers and that we know what they expect. We take pride in knowing that every customer is just a short reach away and we hope they take comfort in knowing we’re always nearby.

Our customers, corporate office, and customer service operations are, and will always be, located close together, both in Dallas and Fort Worth as well as Austin, so the resources we offer are convenient and dependable. Our experienced management teams all share a passion: dedication, and unwavering commitment to customer service.

Our vision, mission, and shared values are the guiding principles for all American Pride Roofing company members. We would like to share them with you.

Our Vision

We strive to be our customer’s first and best choice for commercial roofing solutions in Austin, Texas.

Our Mission

To consistently provide affordable, best-in-class roofing solutions to our customers and exceed their value expectations.


We will do what we say. We will keep our commitments to our customers and employees.


We will be honest and forthright in everything we do. Our company was built on TRUST since Day One. We stand behind that pledge.


We will treat our customers, suppliers, and employees fairly all the time.


Above all, we value superior performance. We expect the highest levels of achievement from all team members everyday.

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American Pride Roofing
500 South Congress., Suite #227
Austin, TX 78704

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