Metal Roof Installation in Dallas, TX

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Metal Roofing Is Great For Homeowners Who Want a Roof That Will Last Generations

If you are looking for a new roof solution that delivers impressive protection on suburban and commercial buildings alike, then metal roofs are the material you can count on. This roofing material can sometimes provide you with lower insurance rates thanks to how effectively it protects against wind, fire, and even hail. Metal roofs also don’t leave you with few options, as you can purchase metal roofing in an extensive variety of colors as well as styles. If you are interested in learning more about your choices for metal roof installation in Dallas, TX, rely on the contractors at American Pride Roofing. Contact us at (214)-838-1125 now to begin, or to ask one of our qualified roofers for an estimate.

Residential Metal Roofing

Due to a long list of benefits, particularly longevity, metal roofs are no longer only used on commercial buildings, and are becoming a popular choice for roofing a residential house. While some clients are unsure about the higher cost of installation, a metal roof offers a long list of perks, as well as savings down the line. At American Pride Roofing, we have been providing expert roofing services to this community for a long time, and we have the knowledge and expertise you want for your upcoming roofing project!

Metal Roof Installation For Your House

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If You Need Metal Roofing Repairs or Installation, Call Us!

Residential metal roof solutions are not only appealing and modern, but also exceptionally resilient and efficient. Due to top quality insulation and proper installation, your metal roof will be just as silent as a traditional shingle roof. Apart from offering better protection than a shingle roof, your metal roof can last up to three times longer when properly installed. Residential metal roof systems are additionally becoming more popular due to their impressive quality to resist fire better than shingles, in addition to protecting the home from high winds and large hail. Due to natural qualities present with a metal roof, you can expect improved energy efficiency as well, and protect the environment from shingle waste!

Metal Roof Repair Services

While there are many kinds of metal roofing to pick from, all of them offer a fairly level amount of resilient protection. However, damages can happen through a few circumstances, and when they do, fast repairs are the ideal course of action. Metal roof repair is not required very often, though, and when it is, the repairs are typically quick and easy to take care of. Truly, most of the time metal roof repair is solely needed for roofs that were installed improperly, so to skip the need for repairs, you should make sure your metal roof installation is done by contractors with plenty of experience.

Stone Coated Steel

Stone Coated Steel

The overall look of a metal roof is commonly the top worry for our clients who are home and business owners. There are some of our clients that desire to have that modernized look that comes with metal roofing, but on the contrary, some just want the traditional appearance. Conveniently, a special type of metal roofing called stone coated steel roofing is available and this roofing solution is very popular for residential metal roofs.

orange stone coated steel roof

Stone Coated Steel Metal Roofing Has A Slate Finish

With metal roofing, you can expect extensive life expectancy, wind resistance, and an array of colors and styles to fit exactly what you’re looking for. But when it comes to stone coated metal, you can have all of these benefits while having the appearance of traditional shingles or tiles. We are able to match nearly any conventional style of roofing with specialized methods of stone chip application on top of the metal roofing material.

It should not come as a surprise that a prime roofing material such as this comes with a considerable price tag, initially. But remember, the stone coated steel can easily pay for itself with all of the extra benefits that come with it. You don’t have to worry about having to spend additional money on regular maintenance or repairs, as you would with a normal roofing system. These savings are a standard perk, along with all the money you’ll end up saving on your heating and cooling. If you are interested in getting stone coated steel metal roofing in Dallas, TX, call American Pride Roofing today at (214)-838-1125.

Metal Shingle

Metal Shingle

Metal roofing was at first a commercial roofing material, but currently there are a range of choices for citizens to choose from for their home roofs. Such a variety of metal roofing shingles means that you will be able to pick out the perfect roof for your home.

brown metal shingles on roof

Metal Roofing Shingles Are Great For Suburbs and Give a Shingle Appearance

Metal shingle roofing can raise your home’s energy efficiency, lasts quite a long long time and is incredibly durable. Metal roof shingles also are one of the most prominent metal roofing materials, because they provide a sleek, modern option for a traditional roofing style. One such option is the metal shake roof, which provides the aesthetic of a wood shake roof, but is more durable and long lasting. The price of installing these roofing products is about equal, but metal shingles provide fire resistance and low maintenance. American Pride Roofing carries a variety of additional metal shingle options, including slate metal roofing and metal roofing tiles.

For homeowners who desire the aesthetic of a slate roof, slate metal roofing is a lightweight, less expensive option. Whatever the style of metal roofing shingles you are looking for, we are here to help you choose the ideal roof! We can offer you all the knowledge that you need and show you all the varieties of metal roofing shingle options we have available. If you desire to experience the difference of a professional contractor, call American Pride Roofing

Standing Seam

Standing Seam

As a home or business owner, you should know that the lifespan and reliability are crucial qualities you need in your roof structure. Many standard roof types require a lot of maintenance, which involves placing time and money into servicing and repairs. Standing metal roofing is one of the more requested roofing styles due to the extensive benefits it provides. For standing seam metal roofing installation in Dallas, TX, call the roofers at American Pride Roofing at (214)-838-1125 now.

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Standing Seam Metal Roofs Are Durable and Come in a Variety of Colors

Standing seam metal is constructed with vertical panels that lock together to make a waterproof seal for extra protection. Since this roof structure is constructed with vertical seams that are carefully sealed, leaks won’t be a concern. You’ll be able to decide from many reflective colors to not only customize your home to your tastes but possess a cool roof that impedes the sun from raising the temperatures in your home. In turn, this metal roof provides excellent energy savings during its significant lifespan, and that this roof will save you money on bills, as well as maintenance costs, is pretty hard to beat! Installing a metal roof on your home or business can lead to more benefits ranging from reduced insurance rates and even tax breaks.

A standing seam metal roof can cost more for construction when compared to shingle roofs, but though the benefits of metal roofing will save you money in the future. Metal roofs are noted for their longevity, fifty to seventy years, compared to shingle roofing which last around twenty years. Additionally, a home or business is fitted with extra protection from fires, hail, wind, and UV rays.

Mechanical Lock

roofer snaps mechanical lock roof together

Mechanical Lock Roofs Snap into Place For Easy Installation

Mechanical lock metal roofing is one of the less costly standing seam option, and is perfect for lower slope roof designs. While your mechanical lock metal roofing will not be installed as quickly as a basic snap lock system, you can depend on it to cost less. However, no matter which option you choose, you’ll get dependable fortification either way. As metal roof materials, you will additionally notice the basic metal characteristics such as energy efficiency as well as minimal maintenance requirements for the life of the roofing system. Standing seam is typically utilized on commercial buildings, but it is additionally becoming more popular on modern homes.

Standing seam metal roofing is a long-enduring roofing option, and with a lifespan of 4 decades, they endure up to twice as long as other roof materials. For this reason, you will understandably notice a slightly heftier price for the main installation. If you look at the lifetime of the roof however, you will ultimately spend much less, since the roof system won’t suffer regular damages, and it won’t need as much maintenance.

Snap Lock

snap lock metal roof

Snap Lock Metal Roofs Are Made For Steep Roofs and Are Good For Residential Houses

Snap lock metal roofing systems aren’t only durable, but also a universal roof solution that can be applied on houses just as efficiently as they can be installed on businesses. Snap lock metal panels are aptly named after the way they are installed, which is as easy as snapping them together. In general, snap lock metal roofing is only recommended for roof systems with steep slopes, and many professionals love how simple they are to apply. No matter which option you decide on, metal as a rule always provides increased energy efficiency as well as a long lifespan. A standing seam snap lock metal roof is the ideal option if you require a speedy and efficient metal roof installation for your business or residential structure.

Snap lock roofing systems last for an exceptionally long time, and due to their resilient performance, it is not at surprise that the upfront installation cost is slightly more costly, but it’s certainly worth it in the long term. With a lifetime of forty years, it is no wonder these roofs actually conserve money in the long run, in addition to how few maintenance requirements and repairs they require along the way. Since traditional roofing materials such as shingles only endure for half as long, you should multiply their price by 2 to accurately compare them to a metal roof option.



brown horizontal aluminum roof

Aluminum Metal Roofing is Great For Beach Homes as it Doesn’t Corrode!

Aluminum roofing isn’t affected by corrosion and is thought to be as strong a roofing product as copper and zinc. Due to its resistance to corrosion, aluminum roofing is often installed in locations that have higher levels of acidic rain. The metal alloys used to create aluminum roofing are easy to form and can be customized to varying roof shapes. While aluminum itself won’t corrode, its shine can fade, and so aluminum roof systems usually need to be coated following installation. An aluminum roof is also uncommonly light. If the time comes to fix an aluminum roof, the the task is generally a very easy, painless process.

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We Provide Metal Roofing Installation and Repairs

At American Pride Roofing, we provide many kinds of roofing, including metal roofing. As local roofers, we’re very experienced in providing metal roof repair as well as installation services to houses and businesses in our community. Metal roof systems are perfect for protecting as effectively as classic clay tile, and can endure decades longer than a traditional shingle roof. When you need metal roof installation in Dallas, TX, we can provide you with fantastic options like metal shingles, standing seam, and so many more! Get started today by contacting our roof professionals at (214)-838-1125, and ask how we can help you find the metal roofing you want!