Emergency Roof Repairs

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If You Have Storm Damage, Call For Emergency Roof Repair Today

Floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes- oh my! It is scary when storms happen, but with a properly installed and durable roof, you and your loved ones will be completely protected and unharmed. With a poorly installed roof, you can come out of the storm with shingles all over the yard, massive holes in your roof, and leaks in your ceiling. If this has happened to you, do not fret as American Pride Roofing offers emergency roof repair services in the Dallas, TX area! We will quickly patch a leak or cover a hole to prevent any more damage from occurring. If you are needing emergency roof repair, call our team of roofing experts at (214)-838-1125 today.

What Emergency Roof Repair Entails

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Hail, Wind, and Rainstorms Can Wreak Serious Damage on Homes

If you have a roofing emergency and you call on our team, the initial thing we do is dispatch certified experts to inspect your roofing for obvious damages. There are several different methods available for dealing with emergency roof issues quickly, and depending on the circumstances, we can pick whichever one appropriately suits your needs. Generally speaking, our contractors will begin by removing any debris, and covering the harmed areas with waterproof tarp to protect the roof from additional damage. Emergency damage is sometimes covered by your house insurance, so we make sure to supply you with a complete damage report that can help you with your claim. Regardless of what your roofing emergency might be, you can depend on our roofing experts for help.

Looking to locate a roofing contractor who will work with you and your insurance company? Pick American Pride Roofing! We will give a detailed roof storm damage report for your paperwork and will work with you and the insurance company to perform repairs for your roof. To assure your satisfaction, we regularly keep you briefed and up to date on your roofing system repairs, keeping you involved through every step. Contact your local roofing contractors today for your roof storm damage repair in your city and the surrounding area.

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Hail Dents Roofs and Creates Holes and Leaks, Requiring Emergency Roof Repair

Different Roofing Emergencies

Though there is obviously more than one way to damage a roof system, we often receive calls for storm damage repair. Heavy rain, hail, or wind storms can cause serious damages to your house’s roofing in an exceptionally small segment of time, and such damages can leave your roof vulnerable to additional damages. Animals often look for refuge in the fascia and attic spaces of residential roof systems, which can also cause emergency roofing issues. Burrowing animals not only break structural areas of your roofing, but additionally leave your roofing vulnerable to leaks. Contact our team now for assistance if you notice any indications of leaking or damage. We provide a wide variety of reliable roofing services, and our crew is ready to help you with any as well as all of your home’s roof emergencies.

How To Prevent Storm Damage to Your Roof

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Metal and Impact Resistant Roofs Reduce the Need For Emergency Roof Repair Services

If it feels like you are constantly having to call for emergency roof repair services, then don’t blame Mother Nature, but blame your roofing system. By spending a little more on the installation of a higher quality roofing material, your home will be more protected from storms and damage. Good choices of roofing systems that endure weather damage include metal or impact resistant shingles. Since many homeowners love the shingles look, be aware that they are primarily made of fiberglass and break easily under blunt force. With impact resistant shingles, these shingles are specially designed to withstand powerful impact and their strength is even tested by dropping a steel ball on them to see if they crack.

For a roof that will last anywhere from 50 to 80 years under all types of climates and weather situations, metal is your best bet. Many people think that metal roofs attract lightning, but the opposite is true! Lightning wants to touch the ground and metal roofs do not, so that is why lightning mainly hits metal poles installed in the ground.

Get Your Emergency Roof Repair Today

We never want to encounter roof emergencies, especially since they are often followed by further damages to the home! To protect your roofing and your house, call our team at American Pride Roofing for reliable emergency roof repair in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. We have been serving this community for years with our dependable repair solutions, and we are prepared to assist you whenever disaster hits. From unexpected leaks, to damage from debris, our crew has the experience and the skill set you are looking for, so give our team a call at (214)-838-1125 to find out how we can help you today.