Synthetic Shingles Repair & Installation

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For A More Affordable Option Than Tile, Consider Synthetic Shingles

When looking for roof materials, you may quickly feel overwhelmed from the sheer range of choices. Different types of roofing possess their benefits and drawbacks, and we try our best at American Pride Roofing to ensure that all customers understand the options before them. Even though not widely known, synthetic shingles are a first-rate alternative in roofing systems for practically every structure. Our selection of synthetic shingles should surely please any customer, and we recommend them for just about any project.

American Pride Roofing goes above and beyond for its clients in Dallas, TX, and represents the smart nearby choice for roofing work. When someone goes with synthetic shingles, our crew realizes every hope with an unbeatable install. A roof’s installation has long-term consequences in regards to sturdiness. There is no reason to worry yourself in regards to the caliber of installation when you choose our master team. To discover more about our work with synthetic shingles in Dallas, TX, give us a shout now at (214)-838-1125.

The Benefits of Synthetic Shingles

Made to look like slate, wood, or ceramic, synthetic roofing provides a handsome, reasonably priced option. The long-lasting, resilient material used for synthetic shingles offers substantial savings when compared to these luxury roofing choices. The exceptional weather resistance of synthetic shingles additionally spares property owners a great amount on service over the life of the roof. A group of advantages should not fail to be considered in regards to this exceptional product.

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Synthetic Shingles Are Often Made Out Of Rubber, Fiberglass, or PVC

Style and Appearance: If you need the appearance of a luxury shingle without the investment, know that synthetic options look nearly the same when observed from the ground. Chiseled-tip, standard squared-cut, or rounded shingle choices work with a large assortment of colors to render synthetic shingles totally customizable.

Lightweight: With synthetic shingles, you never have to address the weight problems identified with ceramic and slate options. The burden of tile and slate make them inaccessible for some residences, while others need particular renovations to accept the tiles heavy weight. Synthetic shingles leave no weight concerns for a building. Synthetic shingles also apply fast, another positive of their weight and makeup.

Durability: The sturdiness of synthetic shingles is almost unsurpassed. Constructed to provide protection for many years, synthetic shingles are usually comprised of smashed slate, rubber, and steel. Many years of use will not affect the look of synthetic shingles, and owners can avoid consistent outlays for maintenance.

Your Synthetic Shingle Selections

American Pride Roofing sells synthetic shingles styled after slate, ceramic, and wood. Our professionals help you find the perfect synthetic roof for your home by going over each of your roof’s needs.


Synthetic Slate Shingles

Is your family looking for an improved roofing material that can supply your house with long-lasting protection? One of the best matches for you just might be synthetic slate shingles. This material not only looks as beautiful as natural slate, but also improves your house with additional benefits as well.

Why Choose Synthetic?

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Synthetic Slate Is a Great Duplicate For Real Slate At Half The Cost

In terms of roof materials, slate roofing is rated very highly, as it presents the house with timeless beauty and impressive resiliency. As with everything, it does have its down sides, and regardless of the one hundred and fifty year lifespan you can expect, the cost and availability are certainly difficult to overcome. Synthetic slate shingles help you solve several of these issues with the benefits they deliver. In regards to the lofty price of authentic slate, a synthetic slate roof option costs half as much, but still provides the top quality fire protection you can expect from any Class A rated option.

Also, at only one quarter of the weight of natural slate, you can expect fifty years worth of improved impact resistance, and reduced stress on your roofing’s supports. One of the biggest perks you can expect is that very few people will be able to see the difference, since the authentic and synthetic slates look so impressively similar. Here at American Pride Roofing, we are proud to install top quality synthetic slate roofing in Dallas, TX that you can rely on for years to come.


Synthetic Tile Shingles

Tile can be an exceptional roofing option to add style, strength, and dimension to your home. However, it can also contribute weight and maintenance cost with it. Synthetic tile roofing can provide the same beauty and protection of traditional tile roofs, but without the heavy weight and substantial cost.

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Real Tile Is Heavy, But Synthetic Tile Is Lightweight and Made Out Of Rubber

Benefits of Synthetic Tile Installation

There are many material choices for your synthetic roof tile, and each offers its own benefits. They are typically made from acrylic, PVC, fiberglass, or rubber, and can outlive many other types of roofing solutions. These tiles protect your home from perils like rain, wind, and snow, and minimize UV ray absorption and debris damage. Synthetic roofing tiles are also a green roofing option because the whole tile is recyclable at the end of use. These tiles are substantially lighter weight than their standard tile counterparts and can be installed quickly, without any bracing or reinforcement. Once installed, these tiles can last upwards of 50 years.

If you need a new roof, the advantages and features of synthetic tile can’t be denied. These tiles deliver superior resistance and can even raise your property’s value with their exquisite appearance.


Synthetic Shake Shingles

American Pride Roofing offers installation of synthetic shake shingles in Dallas, TX for residents who need the aesthetic of a wooden roof apart from the additional upkeep. With a less difficult installation and less maintenance, synthetic shake shingles are a great alternative to a cedar roof.

Positive Effects of Synthetic Shake Shingle Installation

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Synthetic Shake Shingles Won’t Rot Like Real Wood Shingles Will!

There is a lot of upkeep needed for a wood shingle roof. The shingles have to be cleaned every few months in order to eliminate the growth of algae and moss, which can harm the roof. In addition, the shingles require routine inspections to keep ahead of wood rot caused by water damage. Cedar shingle roofs also need specialized installation to account for how wood changes with time. Synthetic shake shingles do not require specialized installation knowledge and require almost no attention. In fact, the only major upkeep needed for a synthetic shake shingle roof is an annual inspection.

Synthetic shake shingles are not typically impacted by strong storms. 106 mph driving rain and winds blowing 200 mph do not harm this roofing system. Synthetic shakes shingles are immune to fire, mold, mildew and termites. For a durable roof that will save you money on roof upkeep and repairs,purchase synthetic shake shingles by calling us today at (214)-838-1125.

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