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For over 22 years, American Pride Roofing has been proud to be Dallas, TX‘s trusted residential roofing contractors. Over these two decades, we have honed our craftsmanship by installing and repairing over 5,000 roofs. With this knowledge and confidence, we can faithfully say that we can accurately and efficiently install or repair any type of residential roof at an affordable price. If you find a better deal, we will match or beat it! After all, our slogan is “a company built on trust.” All of our residential roofing contractors are licensed and bonded for your protection. When you call us today at (214)-838-1125, we can set up an appointment for a free inspection and estimate. For any questions, don’t hesitate to call one of our friendly roofers today.

Residential Roofing Installation and Repairs

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Our Residential Roofing Contractors Install Metal, Tile, Slate, and Shingle Roofs

American Pride Roofing is a full service residential roofing company. We carry all kinds of roofing materials, ranging from the ever popular asphalt shingles to the more luxurious and longer lasting slate and tile shingles. If you need a replacement asphalt roof, we carry tons of materials, designs, and brands. Some top manufacturers and brands that we work with and carry include CertainTeed, Owens Corning, and GAF. Each manufacturer produces several lines of shingles with different colors and textures with varying guarantees on longevity.

Along with shingles, we also carry premium roofing systems like metal, slate, and tile. While slate and tile will cost more initially, they are some of the longest lasting roofing systems available. Plus, they provide beautiful, unique looks that will last a century! Recycled metal roofing is also starting to gain popularity among North Texas homeowners due to its practicality, durability, and reflectivity. Watch as your energy bills are significantly lowered and your home feels much cooler from the blistering heat thanks to a metal roof!

  • Roof Repair Company Our residential roofing contractors can repair your damaged shingle roof or patch that leaky hole in no time!
  • Roof Installation / Replacement Do you need a new roof or is your current one in a state of disarray? Call our roofing company for expert roof installation services today.
  • Premium Roof Systems We carry some of the best premium roofing products around, like slate, tile, and metal.
  • Storm Damage Roof Repair Whether it be a sudden flood or strong winds, if your roof has been damaged from extreme weather, we are the storm damage roof repair experts.
  • Metal Roofing Repair / Install Metal roofs are available in many different formats, from stone coated steel to standing seam to aluminum.

Storm Damage

Storm Damage Roof Repair

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Our Residential Roofing Contractors Can Repair Your Storm Damaged Roof

Rain, wind, and hail can do serious damage to a roof during severe storms. If roofs are old, already damaged, or improperly installed, damage will occur. You can prevent the need for repairs by having quality installed roofs made of out durable materials like metal. There are even roofing systems designed specifically to endure the brunt force of hail, called impact resistant shingles. If you do find that you have missing or cracked shingles, holes in your roof, or leaks, don’t hesitate to call American Pride Roofing for repairs. You can call our Dallas, TX residential roofing contractors at (214)-838-1125 for storm damage roof repairs.

When you call our residential roofing contractors for storm damage roof repair, we will come out and provide a free roofing estimate and inspection. Roofing inspections are important for insurance claims as it shows evidence of damage. Our company will also assist you in the insurance claims process. We also provide emergency roof repairs, as well.

  • Insurance Claims In addition to free estimates and inspections, we will also help you with your home insurance when you go to file an insurance claim for storm damage.
  • Emergency Roof Repair Storms can wreak unexpected and large damage on your home. If this happens to you, we are available for emergency roof repairs.

Premium Roofing

Premium Roofing Systems

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The ultimate in beauty and luxury roofing are tile and slate. Many homeowners never even consider these options due to their price, but don’t let that deter you! Slate and tile are the second longest lasting roofing systems available, besides the outrageously rare and expensive copper. Tile lasts 100 years and slate will endure for 150 years or more! There were reports of bombed homes in WWII still standing by the foundation thanks to their slate roofs. Both of these tile types are very heavy, though, since they are made from natural materials. Make sure your roof and foundation can support the weight by getting a roof inspection performed on your home. American Pride Roofing provides free roofing estimates and inspections. With tile, you have the option of choosing materials like clay, ceramic, concrete, or Spanish tile.

If the price or weight of real tile and slate are too much for you, consider getting the synthetic versions of them! Synthetic shingles are made of rubber but look almost identical to premium roofing systems like cedar, tile, and slate. Synthetic shingles are available in a wider range of colors and shapes and provide more reflectivity at a lower cost than its counterpart.

American Pride Roofing also carries wood shake shingles, which are made from real cedar! While these shingles give your roof a 3D and rustic effect, they require the most maintenance, as you have to keep the wood from rotting or growing algae over time. Other premium shingle types that are less maintenance are architectural shingles that give off a less woodsy 3D effect, and impact resistant shingles. Impact resistant shingles won’t chip or break off from hail like regular shingles will! To learn more about any of these premium roofing systems, or to install one, call our Dallas, TX residential roofing contractors at (214)-838-1125 today.

  • Synthetic Shingles These rubber shingles mimic the look of slate, tile, or cedar at half the cost and weight.
  • Tile Roofing For a classic roofing look that looks great on any home, go with tile roofing that’s available in so many colors!

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Systems

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We Also Repair and Install Metal Roofs For Homes!

Since we here at American Pride Roofing want you to have the most durable roof possible that will last you for generations, that is why we carry tons of metal roofing options! Metal was once primarily only used for commercial roofs, but has transitioned over to the suburbs as homeowners have discovered how low maintenance yet durable these roofs are! A properly installed metal roof will last a minimum of 50 years before needing extensive repairs or replacements. Many metal roofs can last up to 80 years thanks to protective and restorative metal roof coatings that keep the metal from rusting. The types of residential metal roofs we install and repair are:

  • Standing Seam Metal Roof
  • Aluminum Roofing
  • Stone Coated Steel
  • Mechanical Lock Metal Roof
  • Snap Lock Metal Roof

Also one of the few roofing materials that are fireproof (besides slate and tile), metal is great for homes in wildfire prone areas. It is completely seamless and waterproof, as well. Hail, snow, and rain run right off the metal, and the thick panels won’t dent from hail stones or be blown off from powerful winds. Metal is also great for lowering energy bills, since the shiny surface reflects sunlight and heat away from the home, cooling the home. Call our metal residential roofing contractors in Dallas, TX at (214)-838-1125 to get your new roof installed today!

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Depending upon which style of roof you put on, the quality of the attic ventilation and flashing, and the workmanship of the installation crew, your roof should last from at least 15 years up to 50 years. Remember that periodic inspections and routine maintenance can spot and repair really small problems (such as a piece of loose flashing) before they turn into a major problem (like a leaky roof that can reduce the life of your roof, plus harm your attic below). When you call American Pride Roofing at (214)-838-1125, our residential roofing contractors in Dallas, TX will come and inspect your roof at no cost and give you a free roof replacement estimate. With over 5,000 roofs installed and repaired under our name over the last 20 years, our licensed and bonded roofers are experts at all things residential roofing. We follow all OSAH guidelines so you know you are getting a properly installed roof from a trusted roofing company when you choose us as your contractors.