Residential Roofing in Dallas, TX

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Our Crew Are Experts in Residential Roofing Repairs and Installations

Contact the roofing professionals at (214)-838-1125 when you need reliable and affordable residential roofing in Dallas, TX! American Pride Roofing is an experienced residential roofing company that has been serving the Dallas area for years with effective roof solutions and dedicated customer service. If you need a new roof, or when your current roof is in need of restoration or repairs, you can count on our diligent contractors to help you locate the ideal solution that fits your budget and meets your requirements!

Reliable Residential Roof Services

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From Slate to Shingles, Our Residential Roofing Contractors Can Install or Repair Any Roof!

In order to ensure the longevity of your home, it is essential that you locate a roofer you can rely on to keep your roof in great condition. For dependable residential roof services for your home, from roofing repairs to roofing replacements, you can rely on American Pride Roofing. Each of our roofs is repaired or installed with only high quality materials, which is why we are considered a superior residential roofer in the local area.

We only install roofing systems that will last homeowners decades. These include materials such as slate and tile that can endure upwards of 150 years! If you are a shingle lover, we carry all types, from asphalt to 3 tab to architectural. We even carry synthetic shingles in slate and wood shake duplicates for those that want higher quality shingle designs at a lower price! For homes in storm prone areas, we recommend residential roofing systems such as impact resistant shingles or metal that can withstand the brunt forces of hail. To learn more about all the services we provide, click on the links below.

  • Roof Repair Company If your roof has a leak that needs patching or shingles that need repairing, call us roofers for repairs today!
  • Roof Installation / Replacement We can install any kind of residential roof you need, from shingles to tile to metal!
  • Premium Roof Systems Premium roofs are made of higher quality materials, so they are more expensive initially but have longer lifespans.
  • Synthetic Shingles If tile is too heavy or expensive for your roof, or if real wood seems like too much hassle, go with the synthetic versions of them!
  • Tile Roofing Tile roofs come in ceramic, clay, concrete, Spanish, or slate versions and last 100 years.

Residential Roof Inspections

American Pride Roofing offers thorough roofing inspection services to meet your home’s needs. Our roof inspections incorporate every element of your roofing system, assessing for vulnerabilities and areas that require support. We inspect your roof system materials, caulking, seals, structure and more. To restore your roofing to its best, we notify you of all damage once the inspection is complete and work with you to get your roof at its best. No matter what service your home specifications, American Pride Roofing is always ready to assist you.

Roof Inspections And Their Advantages

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Part of Our Residential Roofing Services Include Roof Inspections!

Roof inspections reinforce your roof system and are key to keeping your house well defended against storms and damage. Many people do not elect for roof inspections or maintenance as regularly as they should. This service should be done at least once a year and may be done more often if there are frequent big storms in your area. You get a healthy roofing system with an extended lifespan when you have roof inspections. Any unprotected areas or storm damage problems can be mended by your roofer after roof inspections, making sure your roof is ready for the next storm.

If you observe that your roofing seems to be recessed or that your roof system materials seem to be wearing down, your roofing system is telling you it requires an inspection. Your roofing contractor should be contacted to check your roof system to see if it needs repair or replacement. When you contact American Pride Roofing for your roof inspections, you get a thorough report on your roofing system. Your requirements are taken into account with every service we give and we always listen to your needs. Our roofers set out to supply you with the best customer service and roof system repair available on the market.

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We Offer Residential Roofing Services At An Affordable Price

Expert Roofers at Your Service

For optimal quality assurance, we train each and every one of our team members in evolving industry standards and techniques, and we make sure that all of our contractors are licensed as well as insured. We also strive to offer affordable prices without sacrificing performance. If you are needing residential roofing in the Dallas, TX area, choose contractors you can trust to get the job done right: American Pride Roofing. Contact us now at (214)-838-1125 to set up your appointment with the residential roof company that offers quality results that are built to last!