Tile Roof Repair and Installation

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Tile Roofing Comes in Many Colors and Shapes

A house with a tile roof supplies several advantages to the owner. The owners of the house derive long-term security and hardiness, in addition to a profound visual impact. Clay tiles work well across a large variety of residences, and act as a standby of Mediterranean-style architecture. Concrete or slate tiles present an aesthetically arresting choice with even better hardiness. If you have become interested in tile roofing for Dallas, TX, give American Pride Roofing a call right away at (214)-838-1125. For all your tile roof requirements, such as installation and maintenance, keep in mind our company.

The Benefits of Tile Roofs

Across residential roofing, tile has supplied a steadily in-will need choice. Visual appeal and a high level of longevity offer the justifications why. If you have started to think about a tile roof for your own home, keep the following advantages in mind.

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For A Durable Roof That Will Not Need Replacing For 100 Years, Choose Tile Roofing

Long-Term Performance: Compared to options like asphalt shingle, tile offers significantly longer longevity. With correct care, the life of tile roofing should last from sixty to one hundred years. Updated tile roofs have become a great choice for most areas, due to specifically designed water removal and ventilation abilities.

Options: If you are looking for tile roofing, you’ll be presented with a wide variety of colors as well as types to choose from, along with varying materials. With such versatile roofing tiles, you are bound to find your ideal style quickly and easily.

Weather-Resistant: An advanced level of weather durability protects tiles from deterioration from storms and extreme wind. A correctly installed tile roof will stand up to wind of up to 150 mph. Fewer fixes mean that these roofing systems can actually preserve cash over the long-term.

Color Maintenance: Nobody appreciates when roofing starts to appear dingy after only a few years on a home. Coloration based in natural sources including iron oxides or the clay blend supply the vibrancy for tile roofs. Persistent color on your roofing occurs thanks to the tiles’ imbued vibrancy, and will keep your home appearing attractive.


Ceramic Tile

ceramic scalloped tile

Ceramic Tile Roofing Is A Lighter Duplicate For Clay Tile

Dependable protection isn’t all you will get from ceramic roof tile materials; they are also recognized for being made in plenty of colors, shapes, and styles. Ceramic tiles offer unbeatable durability and aesthetics, but might not be the ideal choice for every roofing system. Our professionals will help you decide on the ideal tile for your home.

The Difference Between Clay And Ceramic Roof Tiles

barrel ceramic tile on roof

Ceramic Tile Roofing Can Come in Multiple Forms Like Barrel, Scalloped, Tile, and Custom Designs

Often times, expert roofers might speak about ceramic tiles as well as clay tiles as if they’re the same, despite the fact that there are some slight differences to be aware of. Clay tile is able to offer outstanding durability against fire, hail, wind and more, and though ceramic additionally delivers those benefits, it’s very slightly less resilient, since ceramic tiles are made in a way that makes them more brittle. Ceramic tiles do have the added perk of additional styles and colors from the manufacturing method, which are not available for clay tiles.

Ceramic tiles will additionally require more maintenance than a clay tile roof; however, the amount of maintenance will still only be a fraction in comparison to how much maintenance a cedar or shingle roof would require. Apart from those differences, the two tile materials are very similar in both protection as well as longevity. As with all tile roof varieties, an amateur installation can create a lifetime of expensive repairs, or possibly premature failure, so be sure to have your ceramic roof tile installation completed by a professional roofing contractor.

Ceramic Tile Roof Installation Professionals

Throughout the globe, tile roofing systems have been a reliable and desired roofing solution for centuries. The heavy upfront cost can be daunting for some customers, but in the end, the significant value they deliver promptly pays for itself. Ceramic tile roof installations can last for upwards of 80 years, and often come with long-lasting manufacturer warranties as well. Ceramic roof tile materials are not only stylish, but also exceptionally durable, particularly against mold and fire.

Spanish Tile

Spanish Tile

spanish tile on spanish roofs

While Spanish Tile Roofing is Gorgeous, It Is The Most High Maintenance Tile Type

A few of the characteristics that a residential property owner looks for in their house’s roofing system is that is should look great and needs to withstand a lot. Spanish tile roofing is one of the handful of roofs on the market that is able to elevate the appearance of a residential property, whilst offering greater safety. Although Spanish tile roofing is a resilient residential roofing system, it is susceptible to repairs like any other traditional roofing system. Failure to sustain a Spanish tile roofing system can lead to water leaks and water puddling on the roofing system’s membrane. If problems develop with your Spanish tile roofing, you need a roofing contractor who is able to provide fantastic repairs, which is where American Pride Roofing comes in. However, there are times when your spanish tile roof is too far gone to repair; if this happens you need a professional tile roofing contractor in Dallas, TX  to handle the job. You can call us at (214)-838-1125 if you need Spanish tile roof repair for your home.

Spanish Tile Possess These Known Issues

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Spanish Tile Roofing Is Known For Its Unique Designs and Colors

If your Spanish tile roofing has leakages or pooling water on the roof membrane, it is because of damages that have become increasingly worse and worse with time. The most common Spanish tile roofing problems can be prevented with thorough upkeep, but when it’s not performed, these are the problems that occur.

Shattered Tiles: With Spanish tile roofing, the objects that cause the tile roof to break are due to hail, strong wind, or any other severe storms.

Fallen Tiles: When Spanish tile roofing isn’t secured, this can cause the tile roofing to fall and go missing.

Remnants on Tiles: Tile roofs tend to not be waterproofed, so when there is rubble on the roofing system, this can cause harm.


Slate Tile

slate on residential roof

While More Expensive, Slate Tile Roofing Requires No Maintenance Over its Long Lifespan

If you’re more concerned with longevity and long-term value than you are with the initial cost, you may be interested in this solution. Slate tiles, the gorgeous and classic roof solution, are often regarded as one of the best roofing materials in the industry.

High Quality Residential Slate Roofs

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For Tile Roofing That Will Last 150 Years, Choose Slate!

Tile roofing in general is renowned for iconic style and extreme durability, but choosing slate for your roofing tiles is one of the best choices you can choose if you truly want to get the best out of your tile roof. Slate tiles are so resilient, you can expect them to last for more than a century on a roof, sometimes even outlasting the building itself. Furthermore, the natural stone composition of slate is incredibly durable, and can’t be duplicated by man-made materials such as clay and concrete. Due to its non-combustible properties, a slate roof system can protect your roof from fire, and as an added perk, it is resistant to mildew growth as well. In order to enjoy the ideal slate roof installation you’ve been dreaming of, make sure to inquire about the wide selection of choices we offer at American Pride Roofing!

Professional Slate Roof Installation

In order to enjoy all of the impressive qualities slate roofs have to offer, it is vital that it is installed with care. An improperly installed slate roof will be susceptible to a laundry list of costly and frustrating repairs. This is why it is incredibly important that you choose an experienced contractor such as the ones we have at American Pride Roofing!


Concrete Tile

Concrete roof tiles are an alternative option to clay or ceramic tile styles, and deliver many of the same benefits at a much lower cost. When you need a concrete tile roof to increase your property value, as well as the curb appeal of your home, you can depend on our experts to help you determine your ideal roofing solution.

The Benefits Of Concrete Roof Tiles

orange concrete tile roof

While Budget Friendly, Concrete Tile Roofing Is Heavy, So Make Sure Your Foundation Can Support The Weight

Many concrete roof tile varieties are designed to look and function like different tile materials like ceramic or clay. The homeowner gains from a lower cost, mostly because concrete tiles are significantly less expensive to craft. Impressive longevity is one of the primary benefits you can expect from concrete roof tiles, but you can also depend on low heat transfer as well as resiliency.

Long-Lasting: With correct maintenance, it isn’t uncommon for concrete tile roof systems to last more than 50 years, and you can choose them in classic barrel styles, or modern flat styles according to your preferences.

Strong Protection: You can rely on concrete roof tiles to protect your home from fire, hail, and even mold!

Low Maintenance: Concrete tiles will need a bit more maintenance than other tile options, but still much less than a shingle roof system.

Low Cost: If you want a lower cost option, but you don’t want to settle for asphalt shingles, concrete roof tiles are a fantastic compromise.


Clay Tile

For centuries, people have fortified their house with the durability of clay roof tiles. We’ve been providing this community with reliable tile roofs for years, and we can help you through every step of the way!

Advantages of Clay Tile

blue clay tile roof

Clay Tile Roofing Is Handmade and Can Be Crafted in Many Colors and Shapes

There are plenty of benefits that come from installing clay roof tiles on your house, which is why many homeowners still pick them in spite of the high price. Immediately after installation, you can rely on clay tile roofs to be resistant to mold, hail, rain, and even fire! They are also made from natural materials that are sustainable, which is why clay tile is an excellent green roofing choice. It isn’t uncommon to see a clay tile roof endure for 80 years, and because of that, manufacturers are often glad to offer warranties for 50 years or more. Improving your curb appeal and property value in one installation is yet another benefit of a clay tile roof installation. In short, a clay tile roof not only looks great, but it also provides you with increased value to your home, unbeatable protection from roof damages, and longevity of close to a century.

There is a reason clay tile roof systems have been utilized for hundreds of years, from the long lasting beauty, to the reliable protection. Call us today at (214)-838-1125 to request to see our variety of styles as well as colors to find the perfect tile roofing for your Dallas, TX home.

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